How do you hand-off your game for smooth trailer-production?

Most folks need a trailer yesterday, but shortening the gap between “yesterday” and “two weeks from now” means that you might need to take a few steps to ensure a quicker transition.

In two days, I produced a trailer for Goliath: Summertime Gnarkness (DLC for survival sandbox game, Goliath). This speediness was made possible largely by the smart planning and preparation of the client (Alawar Entertainment). They prepared a list of resources that empowered me to complete the project in record time.

Here’s what they gave me and why it went right:

  1. Firm Deadline:
    “We need this trailer for when it releases on  June 21.”
  2. Clear Game Description:
    The client explained what the expansion is, what it’s key features, and the most attractive selling point (It’s free!).
  3. Downloadable Footage:
    All of the footage I needed for the trailer was already pre-captured, uploaded, and ready for me to use. This saved infinite time by ensuring that I didn’t need to spend any time capturing footage.
  4. Key Messaging:
    The client provided the exact phrases to be used as selling-points throughout the piece. The lines were things like, “NEW EPIC WEAPONS!” and “NEW CHALLENGES AND ARENAS!” I modified these slightly, but they were perfect places to start the conversation and get me right into production.
  5. Music and Artwork:
    The client providing me with the whole soundtrack, I could easily scan each track and find exactly what I needed to pair up with the key logo artwork and messaging.
  6. Game Copy:
    I don’t often get a copy of the game when the client provides game footage. This was an impressive professional courtesy in Golaith’s case. It ensured that I could tap-into the spirit of the game itself, even if I didn’t have the time to fully wrap myself around the experience. It’s a generous detail.

As you can see by the final product, all of those clear instructions and pieces empowered me to create something that was delivered quickly and efficiently; thus saving everybody involved time and money.

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