New Service: Mock-Reviews (In-Depth Assessments)

You need to predict what’s going to happen when your game goes to market, the best way to do this is to get your game in front of a professional reviewer who knows exactly what critics and players are going to think when playing the game. Testing is very valuable along the way, but testers become adept at catching mistakes, not necessarily identifying how the game will register with players (the primary goal of any good review). A solid mock can give you an edge—both for what to finish before your release, and how to plan your first patch.

You need mock reviews from somebody who knows their stuff. I know my stuff; having years of experience doing in-depth games criticism for a diversity of outlets—often receiving accolades from Kotaku and Critical Distance. I’ve written for countless outlets, honing my craft as a specialist in unique genres and as a generalist in player appeal. In the following example, you can see how this adds-up in video form:

You’ll note that this registers much more negative than the conventional review, and that’s with a singular goal in mind: catching that which can be improved. This is not a traditional review, but an in-depth assessment on what is getting in the way of an enjoyable experience. This means that every aspect of the game is considered for the benefit of play, and not surface-level criticisms like “are the graphics good?”

Achieving results in this realm means you need to go deeper into the heart of players, and sometimes need multiple voices. With additional resources, I can recruit fellow critics, devs, and gameplay professionals to acquire a diversity of perspective on your game. There’s always a diversity of opinion in critical consensus, but this approach ensures the closest comprehensive set of expectations: you’ll walk away with clear knowledge of what is working for players and what isn’t. For smaller studios and solo devs, this information is invaluable.

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