The Messenger — Release Date Trailer


Game by: Sabotage Studio
Published by: Devolver Digital
Music by: Rainbowdragoneyes
Directed by: M Joshua And Nigel Lowrie (Devolver)
Edited by: M Joshua

I love how The Messenger deceives you into thinking it’s just a simple retro-inspired game, and then pulls the wool off your eyes, that you didn’t even know was there. The most important thing to me in this trailer is that we really sold that moment of, “There’s more to it than you realize.”

The Messenger hits Steam and Nintendo Switch on August 30th.

Risk of Rain 2 — Teaser


Game by: Hopoo Games
Directed by: M Joshua And Paul Morse (Hopoo Games)
Edited by: M Joshua
Music by: Chris Christodoulou

About twice as much work goes into shot selection for a teaser. Even more when you’re dealing with a roguelike. The first thing to do after laying down the sound for your teaser: go for readability. This first pass will ensure that viewers can read what they’re seeing, but it will lack a keen sense of danger. The second and third rounds of captured footage are required to elaborate on that danger, so the enemies on screen feel like they’re going to kill you at any moment. We achieved this through low-sensitivity player camera, and making sure the player verbs linked between shots.

Paul is always a treat to work with. Risk of Rain 2 is something really special. If you’re at PAX West, stop by the Risk of Rain 2 booth (#859) at the Indie Megabooth.